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How Are Forged Carbon Fiber Rings Made?

How Are Forged Carbon Fiber Rings Made?

August 30, 2017

Ever wonder what gives our rings their unique marbled look? The answer is Forged Carbon Fiber. Incredibly light and extremely strong, we make the high-performance material in-house at our Brooklyn shop. Here’s a step-by-step look at the process: 

Step 1: Shred

Shredded Carbon Fiber -- Carbon 6 -- Lume Rings

We start with American-sourced sheets of woven carbon fiber, then shred them to allow us to form the fibers into three-dimensional shapes.

Step 2: Press

Press for Forged Carbon Fiber -- Carbon 6 -- Lume rings

We then heat the material and use a 20-ton press and custom-made tooling to form it into cylindrical logs. It’s this combination of heat and pressure that gives it the name “forged.”

Step 3: Heat

Kiln for Forged Carbon Fiber

Once formed, the logs have to be cooked precisely in a kiln. If heated for too long, the carbon fiber will become brittle. If not heated for long enough, it won’t harden, so precision is critical.

The Result: Forged Carbon Fiber

Forged Carbon Fiber Log -- Carbon 6 -- Lume Rings

Stronger than steel with the look of honed marble, Forged Carbon allows us to make high-performance rings that offer a modern take on the classic band.