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You've probably heard of carbon fiber, but forged? A few years ago, Lamborghini started looking into how they could make their already-super-fast cars even faster. There are essentially only two ways to make a sports car faster—making a more efficient, more powerful engine or making the car lighter. Seeing as their engines are already about as good as it gets, they turned their attention to the latter issue. Enter carbon fiber. Super strong and unbelievably lightweight, carbon fiber was just the material for the job, but the typical woven sheets could only make a limited number of shapes. To fix that problem, Lamborghini developed a process that allowed 3-dimensional shapes to be forged; the new process not only allowed for more flexibility in...

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Hi! And welcome to Carbon 6.  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new line of forged carbon fiber rings. You may have seen carbon fiber rings before; but you've probably never seen any like these. Rather than fall back on the traditional weave pattern carbon fiber is typically associated with, our rings are hand forged to create a marbled pattern so that when the light catches them it reveals a depth of layers that's unlike any other ring on the market. And because they're carbon fiber, they're unbelievably strong and super lightweight. Please check back often for updates and deals over the coming months. We're especially excited to be launching a Kickstarter that will run July 3 through...

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