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Are Carbon Fiber Rings Durable?

Are Carbon Fiber Rings Durable?

October 29, 2019

Here's the short answer: Yes.

Here's the long answer:

Strength can be measured in several different ways. There's tinsel strength, or how strong something is when being pulled. There's also compressive strength (how strong something is when being pushed) and toughness (a material's ability to hold up when being hit). There's also flexibility: the ability to be molded without cracking. Lots of materials show strength in different ways. For example, a diamond is harder than a hammer, but a hammer is tougher than a diamond. It's easier to shatter glass than wood, but wood will crush more easily than glass. 
One of the benefits of Forged Carbon Fiber is that it has carbon fiber's incredible tinsel strength and light weight. In addition, it has advantages over standard carbon fiber because by compressing it under heat and adding the flexibility of resin, Forged Carbon is able to be molded into new shapes that aren't possible with standard carbon fiber. The result is a very durable material that you'd have an extremely difficult time pulling out of shape. However, if your hand is hit with a direct, blunt force, our Forged Carbon rings will protect your finger by cracking rather than warping and cutting off circulation, as a metal band would.