T1 Titanium Glow Ring

The T1 combines Grade 5 titanium—the same material used for rockets and jet engines—with a glowing interior. During the day, the ring offers a sleek, minimalist profile with chamfered edges. After dark, the interior can be charged with a UV flashlight to light up the night with a bright glow. Designed for maximum comfort and performance, each ring is handcrafted in our small shop and hand-polished to perfection. The interior offers our signature comfort fit, a more pronounced comfort fit than is found in most rings, making the T1 both more comfortable and less likely to get stuck on your hand.

Every Carbon 6 ring is optimized for maximum glow time. Glow times vary depending on color, the strength of the light source they're charged with, and how long they are charged. However, when charged with a strong UV flashlight for approximately 10 seconds, the T1 will glow brightly for several minutes followed by 1-4 hours of afterglow.

Delivery: Each Carbon 6 ring is hand-finished in our small workshop, ensuring that every one is unique and made with care. As a result, our rings sometimes take longer to deliver than an off-the-shelf product. If your ring is in stock, we'll ship it within 48 hours. If not, your ring will be made soon in one of our small, hand-crafted batches; however, when that's the case, your one-of-a-kind band may take two weeks to ship. If you have a pressing wedding date coming up, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to get you your ring in time.


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