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Handmade in America

At Carbon6, we believe that quality craftsmanship is something you can see and feel. For our customers, it's what makes our rings comfortable and strong; and for us, it's what allows us to take pride in our work. 

Carbon6 was founded on the need for a better ring. When John lost his wedding ring and couldn't find a replacement he liked, he decided to make his own. He wanted something that would be strong, safe, comfortable, beautiful, and meaningful. To that end, he started looking into Forged Carbon Fiber—a process that allows carbon fiber to keep its strength and light weight, but also gives it a unique marbling pattern. What's more, it's made by combining two things—carbon fiber and resin—to create a new material that allows both to share their strengths and make something stronger than either could be on its own—the perfect symbol for a wedding band. 

John liked making rings and when they proved a hit on Kickstarter, he delved into testing and perfecting them. We've run hundreds of tests to ensure our glow rings glow brighter and longer than any mass-produced competitors. And because each of our rings is handcrafted in our small shop here in America, we're able to make sure each is beautiful and strong. 

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