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Carbon6 Ring Reviews | Carbon Fiber Rings

Some of our amazing customers have shared photos and their experience on social media. Here are real customers reviews of Carbon 6 Rings. Let us know if you would like to be featured.

Instagram Testimonials | Emailed Testimonials

Instagram Testimonials

My #carbon6 ring arrived today & i love it。

A photo posted by 📷 (@stuart_peach) on

- Carbon Turquoise Glow Ring

- Black Carbon Band

Digging my new #carbon6 ring

A photo posted by tylerheon (@tylerheon) on

- Carbon Turquoise Glow Ring

Hubby got in his new band today. #Carbon6 #carbon6rings #blueglow #ring

A photo posted by 🌺Amy East⚓️ (@mrszacheast) on

- Carbon Blue Glow Ring

Excited about my new #carbon6rings wedding band #carbon6 @kindraleigh carbon fiber band and charges by uv light

A photo posted by Zach Whetstone (@zdub45) on

- Carbon Blue Glow Ring

My new #Carbon6 ring all charged up.

A photo posted by Jayla Bailey (@jaylably) on

- Carbon Purple Glow Ring

- Black Carbon Band

Ring is finally here! #carbon6 #carbonfiber #glowing

A photo posted by Vicente Gomez (@vince.g.a) on

- Carbon Green Glowing Ring

😍 finally #carbon6 #carbon6rings #carbon #ring #blue #glow #turquoise #present @forgedcarbonfiber

A photo posted by Zoe (@zoelouise021) on

- Carbon Turquoise Glow Ring

Love the promise ring she got me. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. #carbon6 #promisering

A photo posted by Jonah Rios (@jonahrios) on

- Black Carbon Band

My new ring again. I can't stop looking at it. 😍 #carbon6rings #carbon6

A photo posted by @h.h.bandersnatch on

- Turquoise Halo Glow Ring

- Carbon Blue Glow Ring, Carbon Turquoise Glow Ring

Email Testimonials

I've got my carbon fibre ring now and I Love it!!! This really is such a great product and the feedback I've had from showing friends, family and work colleagues has been great everyone thinks the ring is incredible and when I then tell them its made of carbon fibre and they take a closer look at that beautiful marbled effect (rather than the pattern you would expect from carbon fibre) the response becomes even better. After two weeks of wearing my ring 24hrs a day in a in a harsh railway engineering environment where my hands are constantly covered in oil, greases and dirt that it still looks great, showing no sign wear tear, damage or discoloration. I'm really excited to get my luminescent ring and show everyone that. With such great products and from what I've seen pretty awesome customer services I think Carbon 6 will go far and I look forward to seeing your popularity spread.

- Gerrards C, United Kingdom, Black Carbon Band

I received my rings today and I must say I'm utterly impressed. These rings are just perfect, they fit smooth, super-lightweight, and I'm truly excited to wear these for my life... If you ever have another idea for a Kickstarter, I'll be there 100%!

- Devon - Chandler, AZ - Silver Carbon Band

My now husband and I spent a lot of time browsing various websites and going to stores looking for his perfect ring. He knew he did not want silver and I did not like gold. He also wanted something that was unique. So this made the hunt very difficult. Fortunately, one day he came across an ad for the Carbon 6 rings. He sent me a picture and told me this was the one... Everyone who has seen the ring loves its uniqueness and look. We are both extremely happy to have stumbled upon the Carbon 6 rings!!

- Kimberly - La Habra Heights, CA - Black Carbon Band