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Who We Are

Carbon 6 is one of the fastest-growing men’s jewelry and accessory brands in the U.S., offering clean, modern designs in cutting-edge materials. Every Carbon 6 piece is designed in Brooklyn, New York, and hand-made in our small shop.


Our Story

One summer night in 2014, John Easley was on a date with his wife at an outdoor theater. When the movie ended, he started shaking out the blankets they’d been sitting on when he felt his wedding ring slip off and heard it bounce away across the gravel, never to be seen again.

He started looking for a replacement and decided he wanted something that would fit five criteria: it had to be comfortable, durable, good-looking, safe to wear, and meaningful. When he couldn’t find anything that fit the bill, he decided to make his own.

As a mechanical engineering student, he started looking into the various materials he’d been studying, and while he loved the performance of carbon fiber, the material’s standard woven pattern wasn’t something he wanted to wear. Fortunately, he hadn’t been the only one to run into that problem. Lamborghini had confronted the same issue when developing components for their luxury sports cars—they wanted the performance and light weight of carbon fiber without the industrial look. In response, they had developed Forged Carbon Fiber, a new material that allowed carbon fiber to be molded into three-dimensional shapes. After doing research into their method, John created a proprietary new process to create Forged Carbon Fiber that would retain the strength and lightness of carbon fiber, while giving the material a beautiful marbling pattern perfect for a ring.

The material not only looked better, but it also fit his other criteria. While Forged Carbon Fiber is stronger than steel, under intense pressure it will shatter instead of bending, insuring the ring will never warp out of shape and get stuck on the hand, cutting off circulation. And because Forged Carbon Fiber is created by combining two materials—carbon fiber and resin—that both offer their strengths to create a material stronger than either could be on its own, the symbolism is a perfect fit for a wedding band. After several hundred prototypes and dozens of tweaks to optimize for comfort, the Carbon Ring was born. We launched a Kickstarter in July 2015, got funded in the first few days, and the rest is history.

Carbon 6 has since created new designs—sometimes combining the Carbon Ring with precious metals or a glowing interior; and sometimes breaking out into new materials, such as Damascus steel. However, every design we made stems from the company’s founding principle: to create clean, modern designs using the highest-quality, high-performance materials.


What is Forged Carbon Fiber?

Forged Carbon Fiber was first unveiled by Lamborghini in 2010, as a solution for making light-weight high-performance parts for their luxury sports cars. The word “Forged” in the title comes from the fact that the material is formed by taking carbon fiber and, as with forging metal, applying both heat and pressure to mold it into new shapes. Lamborghini’s process is proprietary, so at Carbon 6 we had to build on the research available and develop our own proprietary process to create Forged Carbon Fiber that would capitalize on carbon fiber’s strength and lightness while giving the material a beautiful marbling pattern, instead of the typical woven pattern usually seen in carbon fiber products.


What Makes Them Glow?

Pieces in our Glow Collection contain strontium aluminate, a natural crystal powder that glows after being charged with light. It is non-toxic and often used in luxury Swiss watches due to its excellent performance: it’s about 10 times brighter and glows about 10 times longer than copper activated zinc sulfide (another popular glow-in-the-dark powder).


What Is Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is created by hammer-welding strips of steel and iron or two different kinds of steel together, then repeatedly heating and forging the material to create a new, stronger steel. After the forging process is complete, the material can be given an acid bath, allowing acid to eat away at the steel to reveal the unique look created by the forging process and creating a slightly raised pattern.

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Build a Business Award
John Paul Easley II
Co-Founder and Lead Designer, 202-257-5474
John grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He served a four-year term with the U.S. Navy before going on to study mechanical engineering.
Claire Easley
Co-Founder and CEO, 607-229-3611
Claire grew up in New York, studied English and editing, then went on to work as an editor and writer for nine years before co-founding Carbon 6. She's published three books.
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